Sunday, January 27, 2008

Behold the Elements

So today was the first long run of the training plan, and Mother Nature unexpectedly threw a snowstorm at us this morning, 3-6 inches total. I ventured out as planned at about 10:00 am, and started out nice & slow. I ran the first mile in about 9:50, which is more than a minute slower than normal, and then settled into a 9:00-ish minute pace. It was pretty slippery for much of the 12 miles, especially on the hillier parts of the run. I dodged some plow trucks and inadvertently played "chicken" with certain drivers who just can't be bothered to slow down or move over a tad when a runner is doing his best to stay out of the way. Despite the occasional traffic issues, it was mostly a nice run. Interestingly, the first 5 miles or so were great, with little wind and less traffic. After that, the snow abated, the wind picked up, and I felt a bit chilled. I could feel my soaked middle layer getting cold, as my Asics Storm Shelter running jacket (apparently discontinued) is not the most breathable. I'm in the market for a new light, waterproof/breathable shell.

The "status report" after Week #1 is that I ran all 4 prescribed workouts (a day less than I've been used to), ended up about 2 miles over the suggested week's total, and feel okay, if a bit tired. The hip continues to nag me, but not usually while I run.

Next week calls for the same workouts, with each run a mile longer, for a suggested total of 36 miles for the week. I plan to get out early on Tuesday morning (though strides are not easy on dark, cold mornings). I will have to be creative on Thursday, as my wife will be away on business, so doing 10 miles before work does not seem like a viable option. I'll have to get up before 5:00, work until I wake the kids, get them to school, and then take a long "lunch" to get the miles in. It might motivate me to run faster, since I'll have limited time.

Thanks for reading (both of you).

Cheers, ESG

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