Friday, October 26, 2007

Workouts - Week of October 22, 2007

Monday: An unusual off-day to get a little extra sleep and to rest after a moderate-effort 10K on Sunday. Ran a slightly disappointing 44+, 1:30 slower than in August, but 1:30 faster than same course last year. Ran for the first time based on HR and made myself reign it in until the last mile, so that I would not undermine post-marathon recovery. It was fun to pass a lot of my running club friends during the last mile, but my time was still well off my 10K PR of sub-43:00.

Tuesday: Did elliptical, weightlifting circuit and core work

Wednesday: 5M on the trails; took a wrong turn and got disoriented; found the trail again and only after finishing did I realize that the Garmin Forerunner 305 would have helped me find my way in the pitch blackness. Nothing special about the run, but the weather has been unseasonably mild so far.

Thursday: 7M, a 5M loop with my friend The Doctor, which is always really fun, and 2 miles at a slow-ish tempo pace (about 7:30) after he peeled off. Nice run.

Friday: A quick lunchtime circuit & core workout. After three early, early mornings and another World Series game (Go Sox!), I just needed a little extra rest.

Saturday: Plan to go an easy 5M in the woods

Sunday: If the weather and schedule allow, 10M on the roads

I'm not currently in a specific training mode, but will run an inaugural Half-Marathon on November 4th. I've been telling myself that each race does not have to be a PR, and am starting to accept that I won't get faster forever, though that seemed to be the case for the first 6-9 months of my running life. As one friend said at the time, "If you think this will continue, then you'll be poised to win Boston in a few years." I realize now that he was being ironic.

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