Monday, January 31, 2011

Crockett, Tubbs and Me

This week's post title channels an all-too-significant part of my high school social life.  why? Because Crockett and Tubbs were the undercover drug team in the be-all-end-all show of the 1980's, Miami Vice.  Growing up near Miami, it was a big deal to me.  I'll admit somewhat abashedly that my high school senior picture involves a white suit, pink shirt and - yes - a thin white leather tie.  Hey, we all make fashion mistakes on our way to finding our own sense of personal style.  Right?

So, what's the connection?  Well, last week marked my second consecutive in the 80's, and - surprisingly - I seem to be functioning and responding rather well to the training stresses.  The last two weeks came out as follows:

Week of January 17 to January 23
  • Monday - 6 miles easy
  • Tuesday - 12 miles progression (last full progression mile in 6:12!)
  • Wednesday - 10 miles moderate
  • Thursday - AM: 5+ miles recovery; PM: 6+ miles recovery
  • Friday - 13 miles with a lame/aborted progression
  • Saturday - 9+ miles
  • Sunday - 22 miles
Total Mileage: 83.6 miles

Week of January 24 to January 30
  • Monday -Elliptical, weights, core
  • Tuesday - 12 miles, with 6 x 3 mins at 10K-5K pace
  • Wednesday - 15 miles "easy"
  • Thursday - 8.5 miles, easy
  • Friday - 10+ miles, progressing to half-marathon pace
  • Saturday - 15 miles, with 5 at marathon pace+10%
  • Sunday - 20+ miles "easy" (but very, very hilly)
Total Mileage: 82 miles

The first of these two weeks marks the end of my "base phase", and the idea is not to exceed that peak mileage during the next 10 pre-taper weeks, allowing the additional quality - which began last Tuesday - to serve as the new stressor.  While I'm certainly tired, I can't believe I'm in as good shape as I am, handlign the volume and bits of quality with much success.  In addition, I'm feeling strong in the core and upper body, only minimal hip soreness (and only intermittently) and am recovering well from harder efforts.

Last week's Friday>Saturday>Sunday sequence was unprecedented for me, and should serve me well as I prepare for the Holiday Lake 50++K on February 12th.  This will be my first time running an ultra-distance with a bib pinned to my shirt, and I'm nervously excited about the experience.  The course comes out to ~33.25 miles, and I have NO IDEA what a reasonable time/pace goal should be.  I am thinking (hoping?) that anything under 4:45 would be reasonably respectable, but - mostly - I'm looking forward to joining the fraternity of ultra-runners, around whom I seem to have spent a lot of time, and for whom I seem to have a natural affinity.  I cannot wait to be a bona fide part of their ranks.

On a non-running personal note, the rest of my life has not been easy of late, due to a number of reasons from which I will spare my dear reader(s).  Let's just say that running is one thing over which I have control, where the results of putting in effort/work are tangible, and which demands of me only what I'm willing to give it.

More later.  Someday.

Thanks for reading. -ESG/Ron


Girl In Motion said...

Great work, Ron! Can't wait to hear about your initiation into Ultra Freakdom for which you seem more than ready. Now just be sure to roll your jacket sleeves up in proper Miami Vice style (or scrunched up for an alternative look) and you'll not only have a great race, your photos will live on for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

Yowza on those miles! I think your plan to keep the miles steady and add quality sounds smart. Good luck at the ULTRA YAY NIFTY!

And hugs to you - I hope your nonrunning stressors ease off soon.