Sunday, December 12, 2010

Groovy Training Week, Baby

Today's post title is best imagined in the voice of Mike Myers' hilarious fictional spy Austin Powers, in an attempt to reference with cleverness my return to the 60's, as in miles per week.  After logging 59 miles on the week leading up to my birthday on Sunday, December 5th, I managed a hair under 63 miles this week, on six running days.

Here's how the week took shape:
  • Monday - 30 mins elliptical, weights, stretch and core (could have run, but decided not to push it after Sunday's 18 miles)
  • Tuesday - 7-mile progression run; last 3 miles = 7:15 / 7:16 / 6:42
  • Wednesday - ~8.8 miles in unpleasant cold & wind
  • Thursday - 10.5 miles in nearly unbearable conditions, made bearable by having company
  • Friday - 8 miles pretty easy
  • Saturday - AM: 8+ miles easy in Vermont; PM: 5.3 miles to get my car from the shop
  • Sunday - 15 miles in a cold, constant rain/freezing rain, with much questionable footing and being soaked through to the bone
The best thing is that I actually feel pretty good, with some slight hip soreness/tightness, but not bad at all.  The plan for this week is to bump up the mileage a bit, and maybe throw in a 20-minute tempo session somewhere in the mix.

Looking ahead, I'm looking at a 12-week formal buildup to Boston, with a possible 50K race in February and a half-marathon tuneup in March.  I expect to run between 65 and 80 miles per week, with hopefully more/better quality than I was able to string together in advance of my two goal marathons in 2010.  Right now, here's how I envision 2011 in running, month-by month:
  • JANUARY - Base-builiding
  • FEBRUARY - 50K somewhere warmer than here
  • MARCH - Tune-up half-marathon
  • MAY - Tough Mudder New England
  • JUNE - Higher mileage/longer runs
  • JULY - Be a pacer again at the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run
  • AUGUST/SEPTEMBER - Run my first official ultramarathon, hopefully a 50-miler somewhere within driving distance of home; Reach the Beach, probably with a new co-ed team
  • OCTOBER - Marathon Training
  • NOVEMBER - If all stars align, a sub-3:00 marathon attempt at either Outer Banks or Philadelphia
  • DECEMBER - Bask in the glory of being a sub-3:00 marathoner and continue base-building
Looking at the year in those terms, it all seems quite manageable.  Of course, that list fails to include training, recovery and that little thing we often call "life".  Speaking of which, mine has seemed rather complicated lately, for reasons that are far too personal and raw to delve into here.  I trust that 2011 will provide me with all sorts of answers: about the kind of runner I can be, about the course my life will take, about the kind of man I am and want to be/become.  I'm looking forward to learning at least some of the answers to those most pressing questions. The journey is bound to be gripping . . . feel free to come along for the ride, my virtual friends.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, ESG


Girl In Motion said...

I love your calendar, already filled up like for a whole year - you are a doer, that's for sure! I especially like the entry that says "Philadelphia" but you need to get rid of "either Outer Banks or", that's just cluttering up space.


Jess said...

Wow, I am glad I got to read this post. Whenever I think I might be too ambitious in my running goals, I need only click onto your blog, and then I realize I am normal, and you are crazy! Ha!
I look forward to seeing how this year ahead goes for you. I have every confidence that you will tackle it with all the heart and determination one runner can muster.
Have fun!