Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ups & Downs Abound

As I draft this week's update, the start of the Boston Marathon is exactly 6 weeks (and 24 minutes) away. I'm in the heart of the training program, and I'll admit that I'm tired.  But, at the same time, running continues to teach me important lessons, about training and - of course - about life.  So, while I've had some ups and downs lately - both figurative and literal - persistence and dedication always seem to carry me through.

Running-wise, I had a lousy attempted workout last Friday, which I'll highlight below in the weekly recap.  However, that disappointing attempted run was sandwiched between a great track session on Tuesday, and a very confidence-inspiring long run on Sunday.  Add in the constant presence of hills in my various running routes, and the "ups and downs" metaphor is complete.

Here's a look back at last week:
  • Monday - 7+M easy, with 10x10 secs hill sprints
  • Tuesday - 12M, with first hard track session of the year (4x1K @ 5K pace; 2x400m; 2x200m)
  • Wednesday - 7M + 5M recovery runs
  • Thursday - 7M + 5M recovery runs
  • Friday - 10+M, bagging an attempted threshold progression after 2M @ goal MP, since I just wasn't feeling it
  • Saturday - 8.5M easy
  • Sunday - 19+M, with about 6M @ goal MP/effort; overall pace 8:00 with over 1500 feet of elevation gain - GREAT RUN!
Week's total came out to a little under 81 miles, with a rolling 8-day total (Sunday-Sunday) of 103+ miles.  The most important thing is that I'm feeling healthy.  There's an errant ache here or a pang there, but nothing too concerning, and all part of what happens when pushing one's body (and mind) into uncharted training territory.  However, I've shuffled things around and am making this week a cutback week, with somewhere around 65 miles on tap.  That was close to my peak week last year, so I'm pleased with the progress I've made.

One continuing cause for concern has been the GI issues which do not seem to be getting better.  After scouring WebMD and exchanging messages with a running doctor friend, I've bitten the bullet and scheduled an appointment to see my doctor.  I'd hate for all this hard work to be derailed because I had to make a pit stop (or more than one).  The idea of April 19th is NOT to tour Boston's finest portapotties.  We'll see what the doctor says.


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Stevi N. Honaker said...

Ron what I love about your post's is how insightful you are about your training. A lot to be learned from the way you evaluate your training, work and life.

Great job!