Monday, September 28, 2009

So Far . . . So Good

Just a quick update today. After looking back over the RTB week, I realized that I unintentionally set a weekly mileage PR, logging 75 miles from Sunday through Saturday. An anomaly, yes, but I'm very encouraged by the volume, the paces during RTB and what has been a remarkably efficient recovery from all that effort.

After RTB, I ran easy on Sunday through Wednesday, and then did another LT/HMP (half-marathon pace) workout on Thursday. I ran 3+ miles to the track, then knocked off 2x2 miles at goal HMP pace. It was quite windy, but otherwise a nice day. The HMP miles came out to 6:46/6:38 and 6:42/6:40. My HR was where it should have been, peaking at 174 bpm. I ran a hilly HM last November where my HR stayed at around 175 bpm from Mile 3until the end, so I take that to be my "half-marathon heart rate", as explained by Coach Brad Hudson in "Run Faster".

The other running highlight from last week was this cycle's first 20-miler. On Saturday, I did 20.3 miles at an average pace of 8:27, average HR of 145, with 3000-feet of elevation gain. My hips were a bit tight, but not too bad, and - all things considered - I'm very pleased with where things stand at the moment. Last week's total was around 56 miles, but that's a two-week average of 65+-miles per week.

In other news, it was a festival of racing weekend for many in my running circle, with friends of mine running the Applefest Half-Marathon, Clarence deMar full marathon and Vermont 50-miler. Lots of successful running, with virtually everyone I know meeting or exceeding his/her racing goals. Their commitment and success is contagious.

So, with the Bay State Half-Marathon on October 18th and the Manchester Marathon pacing gig and ultra-run on November 1st, here's what's in store this week:
  • Monday - 5M easy, 4 outside and 1 mile indoors barefoot; core strength work (along with "net" fasting for Yom Kippur, by eating only the number of calories burned by exercise)
  • Tuesday - 12M, with more LT/HMP work
  • Wednesday - 8-10M, easy
  • Thursday - 7-8M, during "free time" at non-profit board retreat; maybe add hill sprints
  • Friday - 6M easy
  • Saturday - 8M on the trails
  • Sunday - 18-20, easy

Week's total should come out to about 65 miles. This is my last week to bang out the mileage and quality, since I'll be within two weeks of Bay State after Sunday's long run, and while not formally "tapering" for that race, I will need to think about resting my legs some if I'm to have any chance of hitting my sub-1:30 goal.


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screaminzab said...

Don't sell yourself short. I think you have a great chance of a sub-1:30. It's amazing that your miles are up to a nonchalant 65. That last long run was awesome.

Somehow I missed the last post. Looked like an amazing time, bad team name aside.;-) I'd love to take part in one of those, especially if I can get a cool as heck picture that you seem to get in every race you run these days.