Monday, June 9, 2008

Feelin hot, hot, hot . . .

The year's first bona fide heat wave arrived with little warning on Saturday. After cool, drizzly weather on Friday (rendering my son's school field trip less than pleasant), we got hit with triple-digit temperatures throughout the weekend.

While the heat didn't help my pace any, I did get out on both Saturday and Sunday. I ran almost 7 miles on the trails starting at noon on Saturday, which was slow, but bearable. I bumped into a 60 year-old running club mate, who re-ran Boston this year for the time in over a decade. It was nice to get a couple of miles in with him.

I got out earlier on Sunday, hoping to do between 8 and 10 miles. Less than 2 miles into it, though, it became clear that 10 was going to be too much, so I ended up cutting the road part short and doing the last couple of miles in the woods again, which seems to make a 10-degree difference. Total was a little less than 8.5 miles, with which I was satisfied. I also enjoyed the This American Life podcast about a federal prosecutor vilified by the US Justice Department for his handling of a terrorist prosecution. Pretty powerful stuff about how the government can flex its muscle, even turning on one of its own, when it wants to keep people in line.

Both runs ended with the kids and me taking a refreshing dip in the pond near our home. Now that my youngest can ride a two-wheeler (she turns 5 this month), we can make the mile-long trip quickly and efficiently. We also survived my son's 100-degree baseball game on Sunday, and I bought three more fans for the house. Trying to avoid A/C in an effort to be a bit more green, but if it stays like this we may crack.

The good running news is that my hips are feeling good, though I did seem to tweak something last week at my first yoga class. My left biceps femoris (part of my hamstring) has been sore since last Wednesday. It had a greater impact at the office bowling tournament (where I went from bad to terrible) than it has during my runs.

This week (Monday, June 9th) would be the beginning of an 18-week Chicago buildup, but I'm not "officially" starting my plan until June 23rd, though I'll probably run about the same mileage as if I did. Psychologically, I just need the break from the schedule, knowing I can shake things up how I want.

I have a busy month ahead, both work and family-wise, with lots to do before summer vacation in July. There may not be too much about which to post in this time, so enjoy the respite from my pointless ramblings. On the other hand, as faithful readers, lack of inspiring content doesn't usually slow me down. :-)


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