Friday, May 23, 2008

Feelin' groovy

Hello, lamp post, what you knowin' . . . .

Don't ask me why I'm spouting Simon & Garfunkel, for as nice as their music is, it's not exactly something I associate with running. But, after running 6 miles yesterday at what turned out to feel like an easy 8:30 pace (with appropriate HR even), then playing in my company's softball game, I woke up today pain-free for the first time in a month. So, I am feeling pretty groovy.

This development is a huge confidence booster, and I am finally excited about Sunday, as the dread that I've tried to tame over the past few weeks (and days) dissipates. Race plan is to go out at about an 8:15/mile pace, for 4-5 miles, assess heart rate, hips and everything else, then slowly accelerate until I'm running at or slightly under 8:00 pace. If that's relatively comfortable through 20 miles, then I'll see if there's enough in the tank to take a stab at a sub-3:30 finishing time. The revised time goal is therefore between 3:40 and 3:30, instead of 3:35 to 3:25.

I'll be offline while in Vermont, but will post a race report on Sunday night or Monday.

Good luck to my fellow Keybank Vermont City Marathon runners, and here's hoping that those forecasted mid- to upper-70-degree temperatures take their sweet time in arriving on Sunday.



Sarah said...

Same thing happened to me! Got a massage last night and woke up this morning with no shin or hip pain (mornings have been the worst since it stiffens up at night). I too am finally getting excited...its hard to get any work done today :)

Best wishes to you on Sunday. Stick with your plan and you will do great! Can't wait to hear how it went!!


Nat said...

Good luck! Have a fabulous race! Thinking run strong and fast and far vibes for you.

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