Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes, Body, I hear You!

For those who read the "Et Tu, Gluteus" Post earlier this week, I would like to offer an update. As I tried to stick with the program yesterday, my hips said, "No, thank you" (rather emphatically, I might add) towards the end of the third 1000-meter interval. Since my 5K pace is now just a hair over 6:20/mile, I sought to run my intervals at that pace (after a 3-mile warm-up at about an 8:20 pace). The first one was fine (6:17), with some noticeable soreness, but nothing too rough. The second one was harder, and I ended up running at around a 6:30 pace. I told myself I'd finish the third one and then just run easy to get the day's 9 miles in. However, the soreness crossed the line into the realm of actual pain, so I bailed about 2/3 of the way through that third one. I ended up running only 7 of the 9 miles, figuring that I need to be smart and make sure that I recover so that I can hit the next key run, the big 17-miler with 14 at goal marathon pace, scheduled for Sunday. At least I was out there for nearly an hour on a glorious spring day.

I've been trying to stretch my hips/glutes, but I'm definitely hurting (though not "hurt", a crucial distinction at this point). Today's plan is either some easy elliptical or stationary bike, core work and stretching.

Tomorrow's scheduled 12-miler may become 10, or 8, depending on how things feel. Saturday, I'm going to see how the trails in the woods near my house are doing in terms of lingering snow and muddiness.

By the way, I did run in the NB 903's yesterday. The jury is still out on them as a marathon shoe. They felt comfy enough, but the toe box is a little bit big, and I needed to lace them really tight to get them to feel "fast" on my feet. I also forgot my orthotics, so that was a bonehead move in terms of trying out new, lightweight shoes while doing speed work with already-sore hips. Running may make you healthier, but - at least in my case - not sure it makes you smarter.

Cheers, ESG

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Nat said...

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Anyway, RE you hip/glut. I've got a stretch for you that is awesome. Fold right leg over left knee--make sense. Your right leg should be a triangle. Squat into it as far as you can. If you don't have the balance just hold on to something. This stretches out the hip flexor great. Also stretches the left calf/ankle achilles at the same time. Alternate legs. I do this at stop lights during long runs.
Ice and stretch. Ice and stretch. Or hop in a yoga class. You feel like an idiot but it really really helps all those tight runner muscles.