Friday, March 28, 2008

Out like a lamb . . . yeah right!

Dateline: March 28, 2008 -Yesterday, I ran outside in shorts for the first time in months. Today, we may get 8 inches of snow, a major setback in light of the encouraging snow melt over the past couple of weeks. Despite our technical entry into Spring a week ago, this winter -- beastly, aggressive, relentless and uncaring -- is not going away quietly. So, we'll shovel . . . again. Brush our cars off . . . again. Get the kids' winter gear out of the closet . . . again. We know it has to end sometime, but at this rate it feels like we'll have some snow on the ground until June.

The good news for me is that today is a non-running day, and the weather (if not the roads) should be good for this weekend's two runs (8 with strides tomorrow and 14 easy on Sunday). So, after some push-ups, core exercises and stretching, I'm not stressing about either running in the slop or on the treadmill. We count our blessings where we find them.

Also, though I know (and actually kind of like) that nearly no one reads this blog, for anyone who wandered across it by accident and has read this far, please click here to learn about an incredible young woman, whom I've "met" through the Runner's World discussion forums. She set a goal to run 200 miles in a week. Check our her narrative to see why it was an especially remarkable accomplishment.


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Jenn said...

Just wanted to respond so you know that you do have blog readers. Although I'm new to your blog, I'll be back. Great story re: Jenny, thanks for directing us to it.

In Chicago and feeling your pain about the snow. I don't know that I can take much more of it!