Thursday, February 7, 2008

Slowpy Runs

Another mid-week 10-miler; another snowstorm. This morning's run was a relatively miserable 10-mile slog on slippery, only partially-plowed roads. Because I run so slow, and the conditionshave been so sloppy, I've started calling these "slowpy" runs. While I feel pretty good about having gotten out there according to my training plan, I'm worried that conditions are compromising my training progress, since I'm running these 45 seconds or more slower than I would otherwise. There's still a long way to go (and many miles to run) before my marathon on May 25th, but I'd like some sense of making progress along the way.

To that end, I'm running a half-marathon on Sunday, and had hoped to run a PR by staying close to a 7:30/mile pacer (previous PR is a 1:40:03, a 7:39/mile pace). Given the weather forecast, though, looks like it will be my 4th consecutive race where a PR is just not feasible. If the weather (forecast is mid-20's, windy, with snow showers on the tail end of heavy snowfall the night before) does make a PR impossible, then I'll treat it like a fun, fast-ish, group training run. It's an inaugural race, and seems to be focused on being light-hearted and fun, with great food and drink afterwards at a fine old-fashioned oceanside hotel.

Did a 5-mile recovery run in the sleet yesterday (Wed), will either cross-train or rest tomorrow(Fri), and will run a very easy 4 miles on Saturday. The training plan calls for 14 miles on Sunday, so I'll probably run a 1-mile warm-up to round it out. Yes, I've decided to be a complete slave to this plan, so that I benefit from Mr. Pfitzinger's experience (and perhaps have someone to blame if the race does not go well).

Stay warm, wherever you are. -ESG

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