Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Workouts - Week of November 5, 2007

This won't be a memorable week training-wise, since my wife is away for work from Monday through Thursday. Will call it a "rest week" and let myself off the hook. Just registered for the Keybank Vermont City Marathon on May 25, 2008. Have heard great things, and I look forward to having a chance to run a marathon under conditions which do not simulate the outer gates of hell (i.e., the 2007 Chicago Marathon).

Monday - off after Sunday's half-marathon

Tuesday - pliometrics at home; abs & core; stretch

Wednesday - a quick 5-miler in the woods after dropping the kids at school but before work

Thursday - 5-7 miles at lunchtime, possibly retracing some of the half-marathon route to start attacking the hills which got the better of me

Friday - Elliptical and weights circuit

Saturday - 6 miles on the trails (weather permitting)

Sunday - 10+ miles, nice and slow, depending on the weather, family and work obligations

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